Maximizing Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and now that we are all home more than we used to be, it serves basically as the center of operations for most families,  which means it is probably the most trafficked area of your home. The kitchen should be functional and appealing, plus well planned out.

The following are tips on how to have a kitchen that works for you and your family:

  • Kitchen islands help enhance the kitchen in many different ways. They help define the kitchen space, plus they also give you additional work and dining areas.  Many families like to change it up when it comes to eating meals adding bar stools to the kitchen island, and gives a bar-like feeling to many dining experiences. If your house does not have room for a large island, you can buy smaller ones on wheels from many retailers.
  • Extendable tables provide flexibility without having to put in table leaves. All you have to do with an extendable table is lift and slide with a base table that expands.  Very good for projects you give the kids to do and still be in the same room.
  • Eat-in kitchens have an extensive appeal with all types of families – couples, singles, and families with kids. It is more casual than going into the dining room and is more highly functional.  You can figure out what type of table fits your needs better… a round or rectangular table.  The kind of materials the table is made of is also important – you want something easy to clean.  Glass tops are trendy; they create a sense of lightness.
  • Lighting in the kitchen is important, and chandelier lighting, both sensible and esthetically pleasing. Putting it on a dimmer is great for giving the room atmosphere.
  • Mirrors and artwork help add a finishing touch to space as they do in other areas of your home.
  • It would help if you thought about a timeless look with a soothing color palette. Many people go for white, taupe, and grey, a very neutral color scheme.  If you like more color, try soft yellow or add a red-orange or even green splash – the colors found in nature.

Real estate is still being bought and sold.  Safety is our top priority.  The Jeff Howard Group will make a one-on-one appointment with you when you want to visit a property in person, and we use masks, gloves and booties, and of course, social distancing.  Meetings can be done via Zoom or another platform, signing can be electronic, and many homes have virtual tours set up for you to see – if they don’t, I can go and make a video for you.